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Avare + Stratux Installation
Stratux Close-up
Close-up of Stratux installation
Note tabs for 3M Command removeable adhesive strips
This orientation makes Stratux status lights visible to pilot
Yoke Mounted Tablet
Yoke Mount for Avare Tablet
Note use of repurposed Garmin GPS yoke mount
Tablet bracket was salvaged from cheap folio: $6.00
Power cord is 1m microUSB A to Down Angle microUSB B: $5.95 (eBay)
Power for Devices
Power to both devices supplied by original (now fused, per AD) cigar lighter outlet

Smithsonian Udvar-Hazy Ramp
Aviatrexx & Steed on Display at the Smithsonian Museum Udvar-Hazy Center
Oz Trip #1
Aviatrexx & Aviatrix & Rental Steed After 2001 Australia Adventure
Last updated on 11 Jan 2018.